The Electric Railway Company/Metro Line 1 (ISAP)

Referred to as Metro Line 1, the Electric Railway Company, or ISAP, runs between Piraeus and Kifissia and connects to Metro Lines 2 & 3, the tram and bus routes at hub stations. The total travel time from the first to the last stop on Line 1 is less than an hour. The electric railway runs daily from 5:00am to 00:15am. For more information dial: 11185 or +30 214 414 6400 ( Monday-Friday 08:00-16:00 )

Attiko Metro (Metro Lines 2 & 3)

One of the charms of modern Athens is the new underground metro (its construction made headlines when ancient art was found underground and halted its progress). You will see many of these ancient artefacts incorporated into the design of the stations' . Two lines (Metro Line 2 and 3) serve 23 stations. From start to finish on each line (2 & 3) is 20 minutes or less. At peak hours trains pass by every three minutes. Attiko Metro runs daily from 5:30am to 00:15am. On Fridays and Saturdays operating hours are extended to 02:00am.

For more information dial: 11185 or +30 214 414 6400 ( Monday-Friday 08:00-16:00 )

Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE)

Domestic and international departures from Athens and Thessaloniki by train with connections to major railways as well as the biggest cities in Greece.

Main train stations in Athens are: Larissa Station ( serves Greece and International routes ) : 14511 ( daily 06:00-23:00 )
For more information dial: 1110

Proastiakos (suburban rail)

This new Athens high-speed train system offers access to Irakleio and Neratziotissa which is next to the Athens Olympic Sports Complex. A connection can be made to the Kifissia-Piraeus ISAP line. It also gets you to Kifissia, the hub of business in northern Athens; Doukissis Plakentias, an important urban residential area; Pallini and Kantza in the eastern part of the greater Athens area; and Koropi, a center of industrial development. A new route to Corinth has just been initiated with plans to extend the network with added routes to Lavrio, Rafina, and a new route to Corinth and Kiato for easier mobility. It also serves Athens International Airport. The suburban rail runs daily from 6:00am until 12 midnight.

For more information: 14511 ( daily 06:00-23:00 )

Download : Metro - Suburban - Electric Railway map (.pdf - 660 KB)
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