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Kudos! You just reached your sunny destination of timeless charm: Athens.

Spring is here. Is it? Well, it surely is in Athens. The sun is sweet and mellow, the bitter orange trees release a zest of new life, the people buzz more joyfully. Feeling the energy?
Pause. On the timeless side of the city, history stands still, casting a divine aura of civilization and culture; two entities that have walked hand in hand through time to weave a maypole of Western ideas, Eastern colours, Mediterranean tastes, European contemporariness. This is Athens.

And these intriguing contradictions are the sole reason why the Greek capital is your next spring getaway. This, and the sun. Oh well, and the people. Maybe the food as well. Hmmm, and the good prices… 
There’s no “sole” reason to visit Athens. Just an endless list, starting with…

The 3 “versus” of Athens than make it a “must”

  1. The old vs. the new. One moment, you’re touching the 2,500-year-old Parthenon column, feeling electrified by timelessness. Next thing you know, you’re brunching at the New Museum of the Acropolis, after having mingled with the gods in its sunlit halls. Now you’re standing exactly where Plato preached at the Ancient Agora; a few steps away you’re lounging at the bustling Monastiraki area, enjoying a rich cup of Greek coffee. In the evening, you’re savouring fine Mediterranean dishes on a terrace overlooking the Acropolis or the Aegean Sea; last night you got tzatziki on your face from that delicious souvlaki you devoured for €2.50.
  2. The East vs. the West. East is infused everywhere; at the alleys by Monastiraki, where spices sprinkle oriental magic in the air; in mouthwatering, cumin-scented meatballs you share in a Plaka tavern; in the bustling market of Monastiraki where the price is always a bargain battle! And the West is there as well: Down at the innovative architectural gem – the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre. At the contemporary art museums and hip café-restaurants at the Gazi and Kerameikos areas. At the fancy shops of Kolonaki and state-of-the-art souvenirs at design stores tucked around Syntagma Square.
  3. The noise vs. the silence. If the hustle and bustle of the centre feels too much, try escaping into the soundproof tropical oasis of the National Garden just by Syntagma Square, or into the “island” area of Anafiotika – and hear nothing but the sunlight stroking your face. When you’re tired of the tourist buzz, you can always seek refuge at cool new hotspots or at the serene harbors by the sea, where locals just chill. And if the day was just too loud, climb up Lycabettus Hill for a silent, whimsical sunset!
Because tomorrow is another day in Athens. And it has a lot more contrasts to reveal to you. 
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