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Come as a traveller, leave as an Athenian.

Sure, you can leave Athens with just photos of you in front of the Parthenon and a nice tan, and it still would be an amazing experience. But what if you could feel what makes locals so infatuated with their city?

If you ask an Athenian why they love it here, they’ll always talk about the details. And it’s these details, these shared secrets, these special moments, that truly compose this city. So, let go of any stereotype about Athens and explore its authentic entirety just like a local.

Don’t know where to start? Here are some true Athens essentials: 

  1. Let the sun be your source of energy. Let it move and motivate you. Sit on a bench in the National Garden and let the rays touch you through the leaves. Climb the Lycabettus hill and watch the sunset paint everything dramatically pink.
  2. Food in Athens is not sustenance, it’s entertainment. Discover small traditional taverns just a few steps below street level by following the sound of bouzouki on a Sunday afternoon. Or allow yourself to be amazed by the new wave of Greek gourmet cuisine. Or even grab some street food and make friends with everyone eating their delicious sandwiches right there on the street!
  3. Have no one recognize you as a tourist, by shopping the local style. No, it’s not foustanellas and tsarouchia. It’s an original, effortless mix of innovative fashion with classic touches, meant to stand out but also accommodate a fun, laid back lifestyle. Pay a visit to young Greek designers’ ateliers in Kolonaki –the most chic of neighbourhoods- and then match your new pieces with a vintage find from Monastiraki. 
  4. Admire the art, then follow the artists. Athens is bursting with museums, galleries and theaters and that means it also has a massive artist community. Where do they hang out? At the most bohemian, alternative and colourful districts, like Exarchia, Koukaki or Metaxourgeio. 
  5. Let the night take you where it may: barhopping is a staple for Athenians. Start from Syntagma and make your way down Kolokotroni street, one cocktail at a time. Spot an artful poster for an indie gig and find yourself in an underground venue where the new Greek music is born. Talk to the people dancing next to you and maybe they’ll invite you to a house party. See the sun rise with some new friends and some unforgettable memories.

And the best part? The possibilities are countless. All you have to do is book your trip, open up to the opportunities and Athens will reward you with never ending stories.