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Yes, this is where your wild spring break begins!

You’ve been googling for “awesome spring break”; you’ve been asking that friend of yours, who goes by the nickname Guru Traveller; you’ve been crossing the mainstream destinations off your bucket list. Well, seek no more.
This is exactly where your dream spring break awaits, loaded with experiences that go far beyond the city’s ancient history and deep into a contemporary urban hub ready to host your story! This is Athens. 

A list of the Athenian spring break essentials you don’t want to miss
(save it and be saved!)

  1. Leave the shutters open and let the smooth sunlight tickle you out of bed… Trainers on and you’re off to breakfast: Grab a heavenly piece of cheese pie or the sesame bread with the funny name – koolooree!
  2. Get lost in the city: Around Syntagma Square for a freddo coffee, up to the cobbled streets of Plaka for memorabilia and sandal-shopping, in the bustling flea market of Monastiraki for some bargaining and around the new hotspot neighbourhoods bustling with a local flair.
  3. Eat souvlaki, eat kebab, eat stuffed tomatoes, eat falafel and honey doughnuts at Aeolou Street, eat all you can and just remember: if it looks good, it tastes even better. And while you’re seated in the tavern, sipping your beer and enjoying the shared tapas called “mezedes”, make new friends: those colourful Athenians with the sassy attitude and their feline look: the stray cats.
  4. Go graffiti-spotting: From the grungy tags to messages in Greek and to larger-than-life works of art, the Athenian soul is out there on the walls for you to explore.
  5. And right when the sun begins to set, rise as a proper spring-break vampire: Start early, just as the locals do. Walk down Kolokotroni street for an early cocktail or enjoy local raki at Psirri. 
  6. Just don’t quit now, the night is still young… The Gazi area around the Technopolis is just waking up. Bars, clubs, Greek music (talk about cultural immersion); mingle with the crowd and let the Athenian spirit sink in. A smile or two, some shots, a little bit of flirting and some Greek too!
  7. And then just keep on dancing on, until the sun brings on more spring experiences your way.
That’s just an intro. The list goes on and on, with your own Athenian spring break stories, the ones that will make you think: Why haven’t I thought of Athens before?

Don’t just leave now! Explore more inside stories of Athens and get the spring break craze started!