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7 types of Athenian smiles you can’t resist

The smile: You've seen it on Facebook next to pointy exclamation marks, on posters, framing polished teeth, on a smiley-face t-shirt. On and on and on...

Well, the Greek variety is real; a natural, 100% preservative-free, good, old smile, the country's primary means of communication. Not everyone speaks English, or French, but everyone smiles! 
7 occasions you will encounter smiles 

1. Along with every vigorous handshake; it's the Greek way to say that  "Nice to meet you" actually does feel nice.

2. In your every "efcharisto!" (Thank you!) and “parakalo!" (You’re welcome!). The bigger the effort, the wider the smile!

3. On every wrinkled face, from the mountain village to the tiny corner shop; coming from a man or a woman who speaks no other language but Greek, yet is fluent in saying "here to help you!" with a smile.

4. Accompanied by the clinking of glasses in family gatherings, where savory mezedes are served. Blend in; family is the real deal round these parts!

5. At the coffee shops, between silent sips; a happy side note, an optimistic punctuation mark between old friends, new friends, and strangers who think alike.

6. Across the bar on a night out in Psyrri, treating you to positive vibes and tequila shots. It might get closer, wrap itself up in words, and start teasing out yet another Athenian romance.

7. In the mirror: Sooner or later it’s going to get you too. 

It is an instinct that goes way back showing that you’re not afraid. So, sweep the clouds from the horizon up ahead and get ready for the next great urban adventure to bring a smile to your face- there’s nothing quite like it!