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If you’re going for the Marathon, go for the genuine article!

He's running in full armor and he feels his wounds burning, but he doesn't stop. The pulse commands the pace and the heart dictates the will. The purpose gives him wings: to run against the sun, all the way to the city, into the Assembly, and breathlessly cry out: “We won!” The famous last words of the first Marathon runner. 

Historians disagree; Was he Pheidippides, Thersippos, or Philippidis? But we can all agree that it's all in the spirit, not the name; the spirit of challenging your limits for a cause beyond yourself. This is the philosophy shared by every type of runner on the city’s streets.

The classical type. They practice early in the morning or late at night, above the Panathenaic Stadium, with the lighted Acropolis reminding them of their purpose: this year’s Classic Marathon. 

Every November, they go for the classical 42.5km route; all the way from ancient Marathon, right along the Aegean seafront, and into the city - just like our hero of 2,506 years ago – to reach the finish line, where friends and strangers cheer them on: We won.

The old-school type. You will see them jogging on a Sunday morning in the National Garden or on Lycabettus Hill. It’s in their nature, no need to hurry, just jogging and logging in their minds: the trees, the colors, and the beauty in a runner’s solitude. Their pace is steady and relaxed, with each step humming in their heads, we-won!

The stationary type. Always running, always still. He’s The Runner, the city’s glass sculpture created by Costas Varotsos. Our collective spirit is reflected in its countless angles: the urge to win our battles, to carry the very same message anew. We won.