During your stay in Athens you can also visit areas outside the city center. Divided into four zones, the suburbs of Athens are perfect for walking and relaxing at a confectionery, cafe or bar.


These very quiet residential areas with impressive 19th century villas, rich vegetation and wide streets, were developed in the late 1920s, on the model of English garden cities. Wealthy families traditionally used to live here in order to be close to nature and away from the bustle of the cities. While in Athens, it’s worth a visit to Kifissia, one of the city’s most elegant neighborhoods. Vibrant shopping streets, popular shopping centers and some of the best patisseries and coffee houses in town, have turned the area into a hotspot. Visit the Natural History Museum, enjoy a movie at the open-air cinemas, take a walk at Syggrou Forest and don’t miss the annual Flower Show!

In Maroussi, don’t miss the chance to see the Athens Olympic Sports Center (OAKA) where the major events of Olympic Games 2004 took place.


The southern suburbs of Athens are located on the coast of the Saronic Gulf from Piraeus to the southernmost area of Varkiza, forming the well-known Athens Riviera. If you relish a walk by the sea, then this is THE place to be. Polished hotels, a multitude of stores, boutiques, marinas, restaurants, bars, cosmopolitan clubs and the buzz of life make up its scenery. You can find some major attractions in downtown Piraeus such as the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus, the Archaeological Museum, the Maritime Museum, the Ancient Theater of Zea (4th – 3rd cent. BC) and the church of Agia Triada. Just behind the bustling port, you’ll find the Central Food Market, where you can shop to your heart’s – and stomach’s – content.

Walk along the picturesque pedestrian streets in the marina to watch youngsters cycling around the pine trees, children enjoying their ice cream on a bench and couples relaxing on their luxurious yachts.


This part of metropolitan Athens has its own unique character and cultural identity. In Egaleo and Eleusis you can get to know important cultural attractions such as the Monastery of Dafni, the Museum of Eleusis, and the ruins of the Temple of Dimitra, where the Eleusinian mysteries were held. In Peristeri, Nikaia and Korydalos you will find yourself among streets with shopping centres and squares with ample cafés and terraces, quaint taverns and charming bars. You can come closer to nature with a walk in the Dimidius Botanical Gardens in Chaidari.

While in Ilion enjoy a stroll through the Antonis Tritsis Environmental Awareness Park, or explore the area’s quaint taverns and charming bars.


Athens International Airport in Spata and two important ports of Greece, Rafina and Lavrio, can be found in this part of Attica. Visit Marathon and discover the tomb where the Athenians buried their soldiers after the battle of Marathon in 490 BC, which is also the start of the Olympic Marathon venue. Nearby you can take in Nea Makri - many Athenians have slowly started to move there from the centre of the city while a few km from Spata lies the ancient site of Vravrona with the Sanctuary of Goddess Artemis and the Archaeological Museum.

Make a stop at the Marathon Lake – until recently it was the main water supply of Athens.