LGBT Community in Athens

Athens is a progressive city open to everyone!

Athens is a progressive city open to everyone! The country shares a European mentality regarding the rights of LGBT community and makes each and everyone feel like home when visiting.

In Greek antiquity, homosexuality has been expressed in the writings of Plato, Herodotus and by a plethora of other Greek intellectuals. Achilles and Patroclus, Sappho the poet are examples of deep emotional bonds between same sex people in the ancient world.

The contemporary Athenian LGBT scene is constantly growing. You will find no signs of colorful flags, so you need to quite know where to go.

The most significant gay neighborhood is Gazi, with the majority of the venues located just around the area. Walk around to get the feeling of the place. Konstantinoupoleos and Triptolemous Streets are the best starting points.


Walk your way near Kerameikos metro station, at Iera Odos Street and Megalou Alexandrou street. As mentioned, Gazi is the contemporary LGBT Athenian hub, where bars and clubs celebrate love all night long. In the neighborhood you can find specific spa and sauna venues hosting only men. Enjoy some intimate relaxing moments.


There is a place, typical example of being straight during the day and turning gay when the night falls, located in Aiolou street, number 33.


Bear in mind that you can always combine Athens and Mykonos in one trip! If you find yourself in the city during the summer the best beach spot to visit is Limanakia B, in Vouliagmeni. This is not a typical beach; a nudist's corner where there is no sand but plenty of caves.


Like most European capitals, Athens is proudly hosting "Athens Pride Festival" every June, since 2005. A pride parade takes place in front of the Parliament, during the day, with hundreds of people expressing themselves. Join the Parade!


Yes! Grindr does work in Greece!