Athens is a top destination for those who wish to know everything there is to know about this city!

You are always in the search to discover, explore and immerse yourself in the entire experience of the culture, the people, the habits and the places you visit. Historic sites and archaeological monuments are never enough, since you love to participate in the everyday life of your destination. A positive and curious mind not afraid to take risks, easygoing, creative and ready to experience it all. 

We have great news! Athens is for you! 

Athens, the Cradle of Western Civilization, with more than 3.000 years of history, long tradition, numerous myths, breathtaking landmarks, beautiful people and well-kept secrets will definitely meet your expectations.

Athens is a vibrant city with diverse neighborhoods to fit your passions! This is Athens and it is for You.


The Archaeological Promenade,which unifies significant archaeological sites of Athens runs through Dionysiou Areopagitou, Apostolou Pavlou and Ermou streets. The Acropolis, Pnyx, the Ancient Agora, and the Theatre of Dionysus unified by a single walkway. Make sure you watch Ancient Athens in all its glory through this marvellous walk!

A stroll from Syntagma Square to the University, reveals the Grand Old Athens of the 19th century. The Hellenic Parliament, once an Old Palace, Iliou Melathron, the National Bank of Greece building, the Athens Trilogy, REX Cinema and Theatre Hall are gems not to be missed. Panepistimiou str. is indeed an open-air gallery of Athenian architectural works of art.

Plaka, a pedestrian neighborhood, is among the most visited neighborhoods, since the bygone era is well preserved in this Athenian spot. Right below the Sacred Rock, feel free to lose track on the swirling alleys to find yourself at the tiny village of Anafiotika, the Cycladic community standing on top.

Monastiraki and Psyrri are two of the city's hottest destinations if you want to mix with the locals. Revamp neoclassical villas and houses, legendary warehouses, tavernas and workshops. That's where the Athenian heart beats faster!

Pangrati and Mets, if you're in the search for that local, residential kind of feeling, are the perfect destinations. Around Panathenaic Stadium, neoclassical houses with blossoming trees, bougainvilleas and a nightlife with quality.