After all, happiness can be found in the smallest and simplest of things. Get ready to stroll around glorious Athens on a Budget!

You love the feeling of independency and you don't belong easily somewhere! Always open towards destiny and in love with people and cultures. I bet you find yourself mingling among locals off the beaten paths.

Love walking and do not care to ride the midnight bus in the middle of the storm? An adventure always waits around the corner. Hit the Road Jack! 

Athens, an open air museum of history and culture with vivid remnants of the past mixing with contemporary buildings and landmarks, local tasteful choices and bustling street art provide the perfect palette of affordable urban experiences. 

Perfect destination for Erasmus students, and young travellers, the city has a plethora of warm and design friendly hostels for anyone looking to meet fellow minded people around the block. Not to mention the affordable pubs and cool bars offering excellent boozes and keep in mind that the delicious street food  can easily beat gourmet delicacies! 


Monastiraki, will definitely please your pocket, since the Flea market and the vintage stores are just around the corner. World wide famous souvlaki is celebrated down town offering plethora of choices to please your appetite on a couple of coins!


Exarheia, is the place where street art, youth and artists blend to mix a community of people who care for alternative choices away from main streams and typical cafes. Ethnik cuisine, mainly from the region of the Middle East is served on the streets and greek raki drink, is the queen around here.


Keramikos and Metaxourghio, emerging neighborhoods full of artistic potential with those lovely buildings hanging out there, beautiful architectural gems across the way and tasteful "tapas" on the square offer a delicious culinary experience on a budget.


The National Gardens offer the perfect free green getaway in the middle of the bustling city. Take a long walk through the old Royal Gardens and let your imagination travel back in time through palm trees and high tree-shadowed alleys.