Visiting Athens with kids: A beautiful flight through the galaxy, amusement parks and unique museums to brighten everyone's days.

Athens is a top destination for families with children.

Where else can you visit adrenaline adventure and amusement parks, educational museums, spectacular zoological parks and sandy beaches all in one day? In Athens there are plenty of activities to keep the little ones happy and busy.

You’ll find both outdoor and indoor places of entertainment. So no matter what the weather is like you’ll find something interesting for the whole family. Depending on the season, the beach is one of the best choices to hang out and spend some quality moments just some breaths away of the city center. A rocky wonderland is a dream place after all, for all ages.

It will not be hard for anyone to encounter bright days in Athens, since no season is capable of bringing down the glorious sun gazing the city. Plenty of nice walks to please your discovery mood and quite some interesting adventure, fun and culture activities to enjoy along with children in and around Athens.


A large technologically advanced digital planetarium located in Athens is one of a kind experience for all members of the family. Children, women and men stand astonished by the mesmerizing universal laws. A 950 sq. m. Hemispherical dome offers 3D virtual trips to the galaxy and periodical thematic shows.


Located in the historic district of Plaka, the Museum of Greek Childrens' Art displays art created by children between 4 and 14 years old. The main focus lies on education through art through diverse educational programs and themes.


Visit the recreational and ecological Organization "Earth", a Greek Non Profit Institution with concerns about the environment and the society. A viable way of living is being suggested in a park full of sustainable solutions. You may be lucky enough to become part of typical food preparations or educational tours around the Park's areas.


Eating out with kids sounds like a great challenge! Keep in mind that souvlaki appeals to the peakiest eater, so it is sure that your beloved junior one will love roast chicken or pork on a skewer.